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Name: Cyam Kendrek
Rank: Commander
Class: Trooper – Commando
Role: DPS
Favorite Companion: Elara Dorne

Alternate Characters:
Franc – Sage Healer
Paltani – Gunslinger DPS
Myssee: Sentinel DPS

Ragnork – Juggernaut Tank
Imouko – Sorcerer DPS
Veshic – Powertech DPS

What a guildmate had to say about Cyam:
“Cyam is the ultimate guildmate! He possess the 3 guild strengths: Smart, Fun, Deadly! A combination that always makes for very pleasant and intense missions! Needless to say that Cyam is an essential pillar of the Silent Corsairs. Cyam is always there to help when you need him and he packs quite the punch. And when firepower is not enough, he makes it up with tenacity and sheer willpower. He will never give up and he will never surrender...

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Name: Sermeida
Rank: Captain (Guild Leader)
Class: Jedi Knight – Guardian
Role: Tank
Favorite Companion: KiraAlternate Characters:

  • Drekz
  • Jarixa
  • Asmodeia
  • Kiyoneh
  • Alekzya
  • Valados – Imperial

What a guildmate had to say about Sermeida:
“From the time that I was recruited into Silent Corsairs by Rak, Serm has always been ready to assist me with anything and everything that I needed. From helping me with challenging mobs, to crafting gear for me, I have been fortunate to know and call Serm my friend. In so many ways, Sermy has taught me much of the information that I know about the game, as well. I have learned how to better perform my role in groups with Serm at the lead, and Michi, and Alex as well.

A viable and extremely capable leader, Serm has always been ready to help anyone, and to...

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Guild Rules

The Silent Corsairs have only a few rules:

  • Be Respectful – we are a social guild and come here to have fun, not argue
  • No Griefing – Silent Corsairs pride themselves about being good players
  • No Begging – we all need to earn our way
  • No plundering the Guild Bank – Things in the guild bank are items for people to use, not resell to make a profit
  • No giving the site invite code to non-members – This site will remain spam free

We also have some rules regarding in-game loot.

You can Need when:

  • The item is better than what you currently got equipped
  • The item is better than what a currently active companion has
  • You want the item for its style
  • Its a reputation item and your reputation with that faction is not maxed out
  • You have asked before for permission to Need and party members said yes

You sh...

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