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ammadhName: Ammadh
Commando – DPS

What a guildmate had to say about Ammadh:
“Amms is a great player, loyal to the guild and his fellow guildies. He know’s his role and is always willing to learn new tips and tricks of his class and how to maneuver in group fights. I’m honored to have him in my squad when pushing through Flashpoints and Operations.”

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graywedName: Graywed Tango

Rank: Lieutenant
Class: Jedi Knight – Guardian
Role: Tank
Favorite Companion: Kira Carsen

What a guildmate had to say about Graywed:
“Graywed is a good friend and guildmate. He is always willing to help other guild members out, and is a terrific tank. I am so happy to have him with us.

He is a fearless Jedi always ready when the galaxy needs him whether it is in flashpoints and ops, in warzones, in deep space with his starfighter, or to keep Trapjaw from making a mess in the sands of his Tatooine stronghold.”

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Rank: Lieutenant
Class: Trooper – Commando
Role: Combat Support
Favorite Companion: Elara Dorne
Alternate Characters:
Gabe’riall – Jedi  Consular/Shadow
Lyna’ra – Jedi Knight/Sentinel
Val’e – Smuggler/Scoundrel

Syren’ya – Imperial Agent/Sniper
Tele’macus – Bounty Hunter/Powertech

What a guildimate had to say about Alex’zandarr:
“Alex is the kinda member every guild would love to have. Generous in his time, and donations. Alex is always striving to further the guild,and help it’s members. An asset to any group, especially with his great knowledge of the game. In general he is the kind of player who makes the game a more enjoyable experience. I’m proud to be his brother-in-arms.”

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lucuisfunkName: Lucuisfunk
Rank: Midshipman
Class: Smuggler – Gunslinger
Role: DPS

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Name: Jer’ik
Rank: Ensign
Class: Trooper- Commando
Role: DPS

Favorite Companion: Aric Jorgan
Alternate Characters

Republic Side
Virn – Jedi Knight – Jedi Guardian – DPS
Zime – Jedi Consular – Jedi Shadow – Tank
Gamlen – Smuggler – Gunslinger – DPS
Jom’ex – Trooper – Vanguard – DPS

Imperial Side
Gr’oth – Sith Warrior – Sith Juggernaut – Tank
Mi’ose – Bounty Hunter – Mercenary – DPS
Vintol – Sith Inquisitor – Sith Assassin – DPS
Vimrin – Imperial Agent – Sniper – DPS


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rakuunName: Rakuun
Rank: Commander
Class: Jedi Knight – Sentinel
Role: DPS

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Screenshot_2015-01-13_16_22_46_652000Name: MichiNeko
Rank: Commander
Class: Smuggler – Gunslinger
Role: DPS
Favorite Companion: Bowdaar

Alternate Characters:

  • Tersi
  • Sylphyra
  • Urshezhia – Imperial

What a guildmate had to say about Michineko:
“Michineko is a veteran of SWTOR and a founding member of the Silent Corsairs and it’s Imperial sister guild the Shadow Hounds. Wherever she carries her Blaster Pistol’s to, she always does with flair and style, you can always see her sporting the latest Coruscanti or Corellian fashion.

But don’t let that pretty exterior fool you. Her flying skills are legendary, many a fighter squad learned it the hard way. Ask the admiral heading the GSF initiative. Even on the ground in PvP her name is feared and well known...

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Name: Daxira
Rank: Commander
Class: Smuggler – Gunslinger
Role: DPS

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Name: Cyam Kendrek
Rank: Commander
Class: Trooper – Commando
Role: DPS
Favorite Companion: Elara Dorne

Alternate Characters:
Franc – Sage Healer
Paltani – Gunslinger DPS
Myssee: Sentinel DPS

Ragnork – Juggernaut Tank
Imouko – Sorcerer DPS
Veshic – Powertech DPS

What a guildmate had to say about Cyam:
“Cyam is the ultimate guildmate! He possess the 3 guild strengths: Smart, Fun, Deadly! A combination that always makes for very pleasant and intense missions! Needless to say that Cyam is an essential pillar of the Silent Corsairs. Cyam is always there to help when you need him and he packs quite the punch. And when firepower is not enough, he makes it up with tenacity and sheer willpower. He will never give up and he will never surrender...

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Name: Sermeida
Rank: Captain (Guild Leader)
Class: Jedi Knight – Guardian
Role: Tank
Favorite Companion: KiraAlternate Characters:

  • Drekz
  • Jarixa
  • Asmodeia
  • Kiyoneh
  • Alekzya
  • Valados – Imperial

What a guildmate had to say about Sermeida:
“From the time that I was recruited into Silent Corsairs by Rak, Serm has always been ready to assist me with anything and everything that I needed. From helping me with challenging mobs, to crafting gear for me, I have been fortunate to know and call Serm my friend. In so many ways, Sermy has taught me much of the information that I know about the game, as well. I have learned how to better perform my role in groups with Serm at the lead, and Michi, and Alex as well.

A viable and extremely capable leader, Serm has always been ready to help anyone, and to...

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