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Guild Rules

The Silent Corsairs have only a few rules:

  • Be Respectful – we are a social guild and come here to have fun, not argue
  • No Griefing – Silent Corsairs pride themselves about being good players
  • No Begging – we all need to earn our way
  • No plundering the Guild Bank – Things in the guild bank are items for people to use, not resell to make a profit
  • No giving the site invite code to non-members – This site will remain spam free

We also have some rules regarding in-game loot.

You can Need when:

  • The item is better than what you currently got equipped
  • The item is better than what a currently active companion has
  • You want the item for its style
  • Its a reputation item and your reputation with that faction is not maxed out
  • You have asked before for permission to Need and party members said yes

You sh...

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