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Treasure Hunt Details

Here are the items you must scavenge across the various worlds accessible to the Republic.   They are all items of cheap quality so it will be very unlikely that they will be available on the Galactic Trade Network.

  • Bestial Fur Fleece
  • Credit Chips
  • Credit Voucher
  • Enviro Acclimatizer
  • Identity Chip
  • Ration Pack
  • Small Bone
  • Tiny Fang

You require exactly 4 of EACH item and you may only send one entry to Sermeida with the title “Treasure Hunt entry”.   The first entry received containing ALL the necessary items will win the following prize:


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Treasure Hunt Announcement

Attention all Corsairs!

There is going to be a guild treasure hunt across the galaxy that will begin this weekend. First person to mail me ALL the items will win the super secret prize!   This contest is only open to crew members of the Silent Corsairs in good standing.

More details to be announced on Saturday, January 24 2015 at Noon Eastern Time

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ammadhName: Ammadh
Commando – DPS

What a guildmate had to say about Ammadh:
“Amms is a great player, loyal to the guild and his fellow guildies. He know’s his role and is always willing to learn new tips and tricks of his class and how to maneuver in group fights. I’m honored to have him in my squad when pushing through Flashpoints and Operations.”

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Harold the Hagnoffarl

I want everyone to say hello to the new guild mascot: Harold.


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Havoc Squad

These are some of our finest from Havoc Squad.

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All in a day’s work

Corsairs love to relax after a long run of dailies…

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Let’s unlock the Corsair’s Bounty Hangar

Hi Everyone,
swtor 2015-01-10 00-27-06-20
So we have a brand new long term project: unlocking the hangar bay of the Corsair’s Bounty.   It is a long term project and we need the following supplies to craft what we require.

  • 600 Self-Perpetuating Power Cells
  • 1200 Alien Data Cubes
  • 1200 Biometric Crystal Alloys
  • 200 War Supplies: Invasion
  • 600 Rakata Energy Nodes

All of this will be converted into 200 Dark Projects MK-1 items, which will then in turn be converted into 200 Flagship Plans: Engineering Encryption, to finally turn into 4 Flagship Plans: Engineering Framework. We will also need 5,000,000 credits, but we can easily grind that.

The graph below will help us track our progress of what is needed:

We have a total of 1 Flagship Plans: Engineering Encryption
We have a total of 1 Flagship Plans: Engineeri...

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First Guild Ops

The guild has successfully completed its first guild-only operation: The Eternity Vault. While it was not exceedingly difficult, we did have a lot of fun doing it as a group. Congratulations to the team that has brought down Soa! Here is a small after victory party!

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Guild Ship vs Guild Stronghold

I have been trying to determine the exact advantages of build the guild ship and guild stronghold.   I have only come across limited information about benefits for guild strongholds, other than they are place for guild mates to hang out and decorate.   They do not seem to have any other value.   Guild ships however stand to provide a lot more: conquest missions (I don’t know if they are PVE or PVP).   They are also mobile.   However, they will cost an arm and a leg to unlock (even more than the guild stronghold), and unless we grow dramatically, they will present a drain on our resources and present little to show.

I would encourage all guild members to give their feedback to myself (Sermeida) so we can take a decision.

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Guild Rules

The Silent Corsairs have only a few rules:

  • Be Respectful – we are a social guild and come here to have fun, not argue
  • No Griefing – Silent Corsairs pride themselves about being good players
  • No Begging – we all need to earn our way
  • No plundering the Guild Bank – Things in the guild bank are items for people to use, not resell to make a profit
  • No giving the site invite code to non-members – This site will remain spam free

We also have some rules regarding in-game loot.

You can Need when:

  • The item is better than what you currently got equipped
  • The item is better than what a currently active companion has
  • You want the item for its style
  • Its a reputation item and your reputation with that faction is not maxed out
  • You have asked before for permission to Need and party members said yes

You sh...

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