Name: Sermeida
Rank: Captain (Guild Leader)
Class: Jedi Knight – Guardian
Role: Tank
Favorite Companion: KiraAlternate Characters:

  • Drekz
  • Jarixa
  • Asmodeia
  • Kiyoneh
  • Alekzya
  • Valados – Imperial

What a guildmate had to say about Sermeida:
“From the time that I was recruited into Silent Corsairs by Rak, Serm has always been ready to assist me with anything and everything that I needed. From helping me with challenging mobs, to crafting gear for me, I have been fortunate to know and call Serm my friend. In so many ways, Sermy has taught me much of the information that I know about the game, as well. I have learned how to better perform my role in groups with Serm at the lead, and Michi, and Alex as well.

A viable and extremely capable leader, Serm has always been ready to help anyone, and to make SWTOR a better place for everyone in the guild.”


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