Screenshot_2015-01-13_16_22_46_652000Name: MichiNeko
Rank: Commander
Class: Smuggler – Gunslinger
Role: DPS
Favorite Companion: Bowdaar

Alternate Characters:

  • Tersi
  • Sylphyra
  • Urshezhia – Imperial


What a guildmate had to say about Michineko:
“Michineko is a veteran of SWTOR and a founding member of the Silent Corsairs and it’s Imperial sister guild the Shadow Hounds. Wherever she carries her Blaster Pistol’s to, she always does with flair and style, you can always see her sporting the latest Coruscanti or Corellian fashion.

But don’t let that pretty exterior fool you. Her flying skills are legendary, many a fighter squad learned it the hard way. Ask the admiral heading the GSF initiative. Even on the ground in PvP her name is feared and well known. Her favorite pair of blasters, with their particular sound, has been known to put a chilling fear in the heart of even the toughest Sith Lord.

She is a joy to have as a partner to party with or just to chat. No party is ever complete without Michi around.

But above all, She is a true Corsair.”


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