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Required item change

Please note that as of SWTOR patch 3.1, we require Self-Perpetuating Power Cells instead of Synthetic Energy Matrix as a crafting material required to craft Dark Projects.

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Let’s unlock the Corsair’s Bounty Hangar

Hi Everyone,
swtor 2015-01-10 00-27-06-20
So we have a brand new long term project: unlocking the hangar bay of the Corsair’s Bounty.   It is a long term project and we need the following supplies to craft what we require.

  • 600 Self-Perpetuating Power Cells
  • 1200 Alien Data Cubes
  • 1200 Biometric Crystal Alloys
  • 200 War Supplies: Invasion
  • 600 Rakata Energy Nodes

All of this will be converted into 200 Dark Projects MK-1 items, which will then in turn be converted into 200 Flagship Plans: Engineering Encryption, to finally turn into 4 Flagship Plans: Engineering Framework. We will also need 5,000,000 credits, but we can easily grind that.

The graph below will help us track our progress of what is needed:

We have a total of 1 Flagship Plans: Engineering Encryption
We have a total of 1 Flagship Plans: Engineeri...

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Welcome to the new Silent Corsairs website.

The Silent Corsairs is a Star Wars: The Old Republic PVE-Oriented guild located on The Shadowlands. We are a friendly, fun-loving and somewhat nutty guild. Our main interests are doing various dailies, flashpoints, events and ops. We welcome anyone who wants to have fun, regardless of age, character class or level. As most of us have day-jobs, we are mostly active weekdays after business hours.

If you are interested in joining the guild, try to contact Sermeida or Cyam online.

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